this is my story

Hi friend! I'm 21 years old, crazy about Jesus and I am a signed commercial/print model and actress. From a super young age of 2, being in front of the camera always came natural. Thanks to my mother, I started freelance modeling at the age of 14 (unwillingly haha) and I ended up loving it! I found a love for creating, being around creative people and being in front of the camera.Through the power of networking I was able to sign with The Blanco Agency, grow my name and work with brands I never thought possible!

To name a few, I have worked as the face of Dell United States and Dell Brazil, worked with Whataburger, Rae Wellness, TOMS, Dunkin Donuts, Crocs and countless others. I have been published in 13 high fashion magazines, worked in shorts films and various music videos. To think this is only the beginning!

As my portfolio and platform continue to grow I look to be a representation of Jesus and an example for young women and girls to look up to.     

My desire is to be the friend and the example 13 year old Kiana needed growing up. Even the friend 21 year old Kiana needs! I hope my journey and my faith inspires you to live a bold life and put Jesus first. I also hope it inspires you to go after your dreams. I never thought this girl from little Victoria Texas could do it but you are more than able, my friend! You can do anything. 

Thank you for your sweet support. 

All the love, 

- Kiana